Scottish art students and art lovers of the world unite and take over.

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Well, here you go folks…the first exhibition brought to you by the startists. Thank you to everyone who got involved, it was a brilliant night, a total success. Thank you to the artists for their participation; Sebastien and his team for letting us take over for the day; my trusted team of workers (you know who you are); David Keir from Malcolm Cowan for supplying us with copious amounts of wine to carry on through the night; and most of all…the 40 or so people who showed up to make this event all worthwhile. Now we just need to figure out where the next one is going to be…any ideas? 

Startists involved: Elspeth Gunnery, Frances Young, Hollie Fyffe, Kate Tweddle, Nick Dudman and Paul McMillan.


dsc04912-small.jpg   Cafe Des Arts   dsc04905-small.jpg   Cafe Des Arts   dsc04913-small.jpg   dsc04901-small.jpg   Small Box Thinking, Installation   Small Box Thinking, Installation   Small Box Thinking, Installation     Hollie Fyffe   Ring Projected Onto Studio Wall   Brooch Projected Onto Model   Aluminium & Paper Maquette   Nick Dudman   Control   Control   Elspeth Gunnery   Jurassic Park In Wales   The Aliens Are Coming   Elspeth Gunnery   Kate Tweddle   Kate Tweddle   dsc04914-small.jpg   dsc04915-small.jpg   dsc04917-small.jpg   dsc04918-small.jpg   dsc04920-small.jpg   dsc04921-small.jpg   dsc04929-small.jpg   dsc04930-small.jpg   dsc04931-small.jpg   dsc04935-small.jpg   dsc04938-small.jpg   dsc04942-small.jpg 


 untitled-1-copy-small.jpg ……oooh, it’s almost here….

Right people, time to get to business…I am holding an exhibition at 8pm on Saturday the 8th of December at Cafe Des Arts,95-97 St Leonards Street in Edinburgh. You need not send originals; prints in the post will be all good. No bigger than 1metre x 1metre please. You can also send DVD’s if that’s what your work entails(animations, shorts, other visual media). I would need pieces to be sent to me no later than the 1 December.

I really want for everyone to take part but I am having to go on a first come first serve basis so be quick in getting in touch! The theme will be ‘All Sorts’,  pretty open to interpretation so knock yourselves out.

Of course there will be free booze, so tell your friends, tell your family and see you there!

To all you stars; to the start of the art scene, welcome to the startists weblog. Please feel free to roam around, chat with others about work/interests/general nonsense. This is a site specifically for you guys, I hope you enjoy. All the best and happy nattering….